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The Misfits are a violent motorcycle gang that Colonel Falkirk has in his employ... 

These men were already wanted for their numerous crimes, but their involvement with Falkirk has moved up their status on the Wanted List. 

Note: The name & logos of the Misfits are from The Misfits Band. 21st Century Toys marketed action figures based on the likenesses of the band members Jerry Only & Doyle. I used these figures as a basis for my gang.  The profiles of these figures are of my creation and are not factual events of these actual people.

The Misfits

The Misfits are a violent group comprised of outlaw bikers and survivalists, with several of them being ex-military personnel. Falkirk employs the gang as his henchmen. Members include the skull faced Doyle Von Alister; a.k.a "Monster", the Neo-Nazi Jerry Wessler; a.k.a "Chainz", James Blackfoot; a.k.a "Chief", the bounty-killer Tim Gore; a.k.a "T-Gore", AJ McLeod; a.k.a. "Krayzee Gyrl", Frank Rook; a.k.a "Kaiser", the  masked man who goes by the name "Slayer"; real name unknown, "Dirty" Dick & Bobbie Jo Rollins, Cain Jenicek; a.k.a "Kane".  They are led by the notorious criminal, The Sandman.

Each has a rap sheet a mile long. All are to be considered armed & highly dangerous.

Only a dozen or so Misfits have been encountered thus far, but it is speculated that there are other members.





The Sandman

The true leader of the Misfits. He was incarcerated, but has made an escape from the jail holding him.  Armed and dangerous. Wanted for murder, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, weapons possession, transportation of a controlled substance, grand theft auto, grand larceny, sexual assault, and impersonating a lawman.  These charges only stem from his jailbreak; he is wanted for a host of other charges.




"Dirty" Dick Rollins

If ever there was a tough bastard, this guy's him. His rap sheet is long and his fuse is short. He should be considered armed and highly dangerous. He's a close friend of The Sandman and has served time with him.  Currently wanted for damn near anything you can think of.

Rollins is The Sandman's right hand man and long time friend.

Shown here with his wife, Bobbie Jo Rollins. 



Krayzee Gyrl

 AJ McLeod is just as tough as the rest of the gang.  She is wanted for weapons possession, armed robbery, aggravated assault, & a string of other crimes. McLeod has several tattoos and should be considered armed and dangerous.

She is The Sandman's main girlfriend, or wife, though he doesn't believe in monogamy.



Bobbie Jo Rollins

Don't let the blonde hair and pretty face fool you, Bobbie Jo is a true biker's chick, and can hold her own in a brawl.  She's also wanted on felony weapons possession and assault & battery, and a host of other charges.




Law enforcement officials aren't sure who this man that goes by the name Slayer actually is. He has never been seen publicly without his balaclava.

He was the interim leader of the Misfits motorcycle gang as the real leader; known as The Sandman, was serving time in the state prison.

Slayer seems to be well trained with firearms, leading officials to believe that he may have military training.  He is very good in unarmed combat as well.





Jerry Wessler, a.k.a. Chainz, was in the US Navy.  Has weapons training.  Wessler currently rides shotgun with T-Gore in the stolen Humvee.

Wessler has tattoos of the Misfits' gang symbol, as do most of the gang.



Tim Gore was a professional bounty hunter turned bounty killer as there was more money to be made.
And he is damned good at it. Whereas he may lack the covertness & fineness of other assassins, Gore will just walk up to his target's car & blow his head off. It doesn't really matter to him who else is around.
He was also into desert rally racing, and has won many championships. He is a great mechanic, and performed the modifications on their Roadkill Humvee.
T-Gore has several tattoos & body piercings which can be used to identify him.

T-Gore has knowledge of firearms. He prefers large caliber weapons, and fully automatic machine pistols. He is adept in lock picking, hot wiring vehicles.




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