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The Special Duties Unit...
Under the Operations wing of the Royal Hong Kong Police organization lies the Operations Bureau; the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau; and the Police Tactical Unit. Under the PTU there are is the famous Special Duties Unit, or SDU; nicknamed "The Flying Tigers".

Based at the Police Tactical Unit Headquarters in Fanling, the SDU was set up in 1974 as a Government response to the ever-increasing threat of international terrorism. The first "Flying Tigers" used existing weaponry and devised their own tactics. An appraisal of the Unit by the British Special Air Service in 1978 led to considerable changes in equipment and tactics.

Since then, the SDU has developed its own comprehensive training programs and facilities and holds regular training exercises in Hong Kong with similar, overseas units. Officers are also sent on two-week overseas exchanges.

Twenty years ago, the SDU was a small force of volunteers. Today, it consists of over 120 officers. Few police forces in the world can field a counter-terrorist unit as highly trained, prepared and equipped.


Entire SDU Team


Assault Team


Team Leader

Senior Inspector Chow Yun Fat

Inspector Chow has long been after the criminal known as the Ice Dragon.  It's more than business; it is personal, as the leader of the Dragon Clan is romantically linked to Chow's sister, Ling; aka Lotus.

When Dirty Fong loosely joined up with Falkirk's gang, Chow was assigned to temporarily assigned to the American IRON FIST task force. Now that Fong, Ice Dragon, Lotus, & associates have moved upped the ante with their own crime organization, Chow has requested permission form his superiors to focus on that enterprise.

Chow was originally from Hong Kong but emigrated to the United States as a teenager; with his sister and mother. He lived for years in New York City, where he was a captain in the NYPD. He has recently moved back to Hong Kong where he joined the HKP.





Officer Gordon Ng






Officer Robert Lok

Lok's role is that of the breacher. His job is to gain entry thru locked or barricaded doors; either with his 12 gauge shotgun, his sledgehammer, or breaching charges. Lok also carries a set of lock picking tools for a more stealthy entrance.

You'll notice that other members of the team also carry shotgun shells even though not every member actually carries a shotgun.  This is to insure that whomever holds a shotgun has extra ammunition.




Entry Element/Assaulters

Officer Joe Wai


Officer Michael Chan


Officer Michael Wong

Officer George Wong


 Officer Jack Chan


Officer Freddie Lau

Officer Cheong Sun Lee



 SDU Continued...