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Hong Kong Police.

With the 27,000 men and women, the HKP is one of the largest city police forces; in size it rivals the Metropolitan Police of London and the New York Police Department. As for equipment, purpose-built community police stations, modern communications, computerized criminal records and other hi-tech aids to fight crime, the force is unrivalled. Its marine fleet of 166 patrol launches and other craft is the largest of any civil police force.

Note: As of July 1, 1997; Great Britain returned sovereignty of Hong Kong back to China. At that point, the Royal Hong Kong Police became the Hong Kong Police. Their badges, insignia, and logos were changed to remove the symbols of the crown & "royal". I just wanted you, the viewer, to be aware of this, as not to be confused. The casual person wouldn't notice, but The majority of badges my figures have are pre-return.




Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB)

The OCTB Investigates complex organized crime and serious triad offences. It pools together resources and expertise from different sources to tackle sophisticated and syndicated criminal activities including money laundering. The assets of criminals involved in non-narcotic related crimes are also identified, restrained and confiscated. It also liaises regularly with Mainland and overseas law enforcement agencies for exchange of intelligence to prevent and neutralize illegal activities.


Chief Inspector of Police Wayne Chen



Chen was team leader of an SDU team before being promoted to the OCTB.

Regional Command and Control Centre (RCCC)

Provides the means for exercising control over resources both at regional and district levels. It also acts as an information centre for the passage of information to the Headquarters CCC and other agencies. Equipped with the Enhanced Computer Assisted Command and Control System, each Centre receives 999 calls from the public and provides a fast and efficient service to operational officers.

Senior Inspector of Police - sub unit Commander Ma Sir



There are 2 uniform colors; Winter blue & summer green.


Constable Wong Shui-wai

Constable Lau Yan-kit


Constable Gordon Wing


Constable Liz Fong

Customs and Excise Department Airport Security Unit

Customs Officers are mainly deployed on enforcement duties on land and at sea in connection with anti-smuggling, revenue protection, anti-narcotics work and anti-copyright piracy; deck or engine room duties on Customs launches; customs duties at controlled entry points.

Hong Kong International Airport was named in an independent survey as the World's Best Airport for 2001. One of the significant contributing factors to this success is the concerted effort of the Airport District Police to maintain a remarkably crime-free environment. The number of crime cases reported in 2001 was maintained at the same low level as in the previous year, whilst the overall detection rate increased.


Officer Eddie Lam


Officer Ray Tao


Customs and Excise Department Narcotics Dog "Rocky"

Breed : German Shepherd
Sex : Male
Color : Brown/Black

Joined the Customs in 2000
You can help "Rocky" to deter narcotics trafficking, just say no!

The Customs and Excise Department is amongst the pioneers of local law enforcement authorities to make use of drug detector dogs. The canines can effectively sniff out drugs in difficult places. Currently, the Narcotics Dog Unit has a total of 24 dogs including 7 passive-alert dogs and 17 proactive drug detector dogs.



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